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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Dining Chairs update

I've been working on my dining room chairs for what seems like years but its really been weeks.  I wrote about this dining room set months ago in this post.

I finally got to work on them and it's way more work than I anticipated on.  First they sat in the garage like this:

 Then they looked like this with primer on: 

And this:

I have now put the first coat of paint on and sanded them again, hopefully for the last time.  Here is a sample of what is to come:

Mind you, the above still only has primer on it.  I can't wait until they're finished.  

Here's a side by side of the progress:

I was going to paint them black until I saw this inspirational pic:

As soon as I saw this pic, I new I was going white with orange fabric.  I found my fabric on line at Spoonflower.  

Here's a close up of the fabric:

Hopefully I'm finished first week of September once the kids go back to school!

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