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Sunday, 11 December 2011

My secret plan

I have a plan for my new house that I am so excited about.  I always new that I wanted a mudroom for my boys to enter when we bought a house, but unfortunately, it doesn't have one.  Let's face it, boys do not come into the house, open the closet doors, put their shoes and knapsacks in nicely and then hang their coats up.  No, instead, nothing makes it to the closet and everything ends up on the floor.

So, I have a plan that my husband does not yet know about.  Here is my plan:

I want to turn this closet:

Into something like this:                                                       

Or this:

It's called a mudroom closet.  I can't wait to start this project and complete it.  

The way the house is at the moment, you come in from garage on the left, and hang your coat up in the closet, or, you can hang it on the ugly, country hooks below:

Which can be seen when you walk past this hallway and into the kitchen:

But, it makes much more sense to convert the closet because at the end of this hallway, it turns right into this hallway:

Which nobody can see.  

So, once I start this project, (hopefully soon) I will post some pics.  


  1. I think that is a great idea! I really like the look of it as well!

  2. Wow awesome idea Carol!...I really like the second one with the white drawers!....Gonna look fabulous once it's done!

  3. Carol, I think that closet would be perfect without the doors as a mudroom area!! Definitely do it!!
    I am hosting Before & After parties starting this Friday and would love for you to link up one of your "before" projects from your new house!
    Check it out here:
    Best wishes with your new blog and your new home! -Lisa

  4. Lisa, thank you so much for visiting me and thank you for the invitation. I will definitely love the chance to join your party on Friday.