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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Our Dogs

This post is just about my dogs.  I know, nobody cares but I have nothing else to talk about, lol.

First we had Buddy.  He was the craziest Jack Russell you could find.  We had to spell everything that pertained to him because he new everything that we were saying.


Unfortunately, he was hit by a truck right infront of my boys and I.  What a sad, sad day that was.  After being without him for 2 mths and missing him very much, I went out and got Missy the cock-a-poo.  I wanted something much more relaxed than buddy and Missy sure is more relaxed.  She just loves to sit around.  


After having Missy for 4 years, my kids started to bug me to get a bigger dog that they could have more fun with.  So, in came Roscoe.  He's a goldendoodle.  He is full of live and we love him.


Missy wasn't very impressed with Roscoe at first but, she learned that he wasn't leaving so now they are good friends.  Here they are together when Roscoe was only a couple of months old.  

And here they are with Roscoe full grown

We love em and they are well worth the $5,000 that it cost us to build them their own run area (cough, cough)

This has nothing to do with DIY

In two days from now, we are moving into our new home.  Some things are getting finished but, nothing very exciting yet.  Two big, big, big projects are complete that took a huge tole on our bank account.  1st, painting the interior of the house, and 2nd, building a garage door, installing 2 doggie doors, and building a fence for our dogs to go outside.  Neither one of these jobs were done by ourselves.  Their is now way we could have painted 4000sq' on our own and, my husband does not have the time to build a door or fence himself.  These two jobs ended up costing us $11,000 combined which is putting a damper on doing the fun stuff.

Here is some pictures of the $5,000 dog exit's in order for them to the bathroom.

This is the new garage man door that we had to have cut out of the stucco garage door in order to have the doggie door inserted.

This is the actually doggie door

We also had the same doggie door as above, inserted into the door that joins the garage to the house.  I don't have a pic yet but I'll add one when I take it. 

So, now the dogs can go through the garage/house door, run through the garage, and then exit out of the new man door in order for them to do their business in their own area which is this area

This pic is taken from the other end of the dog run

I hope they enjoy their very own exit door and dog run because I am not spending another penny on them!  OK, well maybe I'll buy them some food.

The best part about this though is that they cannot get into our backyard and make a mess.  

Our backyard still looks like this

No dogs or fence can be seen because it is all hidden on the far side of the house.  

I suppose I should do a blog about my dogs now in case anyone is wondering who these dogs are that I speak of. 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Some of the reason's why we bought this house

Our private bridge across the creek in the backyard, over to a conservation area with trails.

View looking from the conservation area to the back of our house.

Also, the indoor pool!

View of the pool room from the back yard. 

So, now you can see what we liked about this house.  We just have many updates to do in order to get the house looking like our own home. 

Friday, 13 January 2012

Things Are Starting Slowly

Hello.  I have not written on here for quite some time now.  I haven't felt like anything has been accomplished worth posting.  Everything up until now has just been ripping out.  But, now things are starting to get completed.  Just silly little things but they still have to get done right!!

First off, I completed one of the lights in my kitchen.   I could not handle the brass so I decided to spray paint the brass to see if it would work.  I figured if it turned out horrible, I would buy a new one but, I was really hoping not to spend any money on the kitchen lights since we have so many others to replace.  It ended up not mattering because it worked!  Here is the before pic.

And here is the after

I'm very excited about how it turned out.  It probably looks like a quick job (probably for most people) but, it actually took me all week.  I had to take the fixture apart and then spray it over and over again at least once a day.  Here's how the process went down:

I took it apart

I hung these paper towels over the light bulbs to catch all of those drips

I really started to like the look.  

I just held a newspaper up behind the fixture to catch all of the over spray
The only problem was, with my thumb being in front of the newspaper, it got covered in paint. 

After walking around with a black thumb for two days, I got really smart!!!

Here's one more view of the finished light.  Much better don't you think?

I have one more of these brass babies to finish in the kitchen.  I just have to spray it one more time and then put it back together.  Then their will be no more brass!!!

I've also had some progress in my en suite bathroom.  Here's what it looked like when we bought the house:
Here's how it looked on the MLS Listing:
A little nicer but, here's how it looks now:

It's so hard to tell in the pics but, believe me, it's a huge improvement already.  Here's some pics of the change happening over the last week:
Here's a few before and afters:

                    Before                                                                                 After
            Before                                                                             After

I still have soooooo much work to do in this room.  I can't wait till it finally looks 100% percent better.  I must mention that my dad has been at my house all week replacing all of the light fixtures.  I'll have lots to show this weekend about those lights.  

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Oh My!

Oh my, I just walked in the door and I am so excited that I had to jump right on my computer. My husband came home from work today and told me that he had stopped at the house.  My husband does not get very excited about anything and he said, "I just stopped at the other house and it looks amazing."  So, we ate dinner and drove over to the house.  It is better than I even thought it would be, I can't wait to go back tomorrow and see it in the day light.  (that's if it gets bright enough outside because we haven't seen the sun in awhile)

Here are some before and after pics of the house so far. The before's are on the left and the after's are on the right.   It is by far not complete and the pics do not do it justice but, I'm so excited, I have to post these pics.  Please don't mind the lights and the mess going on, lol !





This pic above shows how the livingroom is lighter than the diningroom that is a chocolate brown.  

When the house is done being painted, I'll post the pics and give the paint colours and make.