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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Projects I'm working on at the moment

A couple of months ago, I needed to make myself some office space to do my school work.   I found some inspiration with this pic:
The room I was going to use was this:
With the space I had on either side of the window, I figured I could make it look similar to my inspiration pic.

So I started looking on Kijiji to buy a piece that looked like the piece in the inspiration photo and I found a lady that was selling everything in a house for her elderly friend.  I went over and I purchased this:

I know it's very ugly, right?  It is called a secretary desk and it is really old.  (I must not have taken a pic of it before I started to sand and prime, that's why it looks really, really bad!)

But here is my inspiration for buying it:
And this one:

Now it's not looking as ugly anymore, is it?

So, on a warm fall day I brought my secretary outside and started the sanding

Top piece
Bottom piece

I used my new sander that my husband bought me and I love it!
It's so cute!

But, then our plans changed.  After looking for a house for the last 14 years of my life, we found one and bought it.  So, I stopped with my idea of the room here in this rental and I began to think of what I will do in my very own office with a door.  (very excited, and dogs and boys will not be allowed in)

So here is my up and coming office.  Its quite ugly for now, but hopefully that will change by the new year.
Bad pic

I'll be back with some updated pics of my secretary desk soon!

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