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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

When I was at the lady's estate sale buying the secretary desk, I also saw these:

Pretty ugly eh?

But, I stopped to look at them because I had previously seen a picture like this:

So I started thinking and bought them on the spot.  The five frames cost me $20.00   Some might say I got ripped off, but I'm ok with the price.

I brought them home and removed the 10 thousand nails that held the backings on, I brought them downstairs and spray painted them.  Now they look like this:
(after 5 coats, maybe I should have sanded them first)

Now I just have to decide what to put inside of them.  Maybe mirrors.  Something like this:
Or maybe something like this:

But, I would use paper like this:
or this

I will paint the walls in blues like this:

And I want a couch in the office, similar to this:

I'm hoping to have the office finished by the time we move into the house in the new year.  I'll post the completed pics when it's finished.