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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Our Dogs

This post is just about my dogs.  I know, nobody cares but I have nothing else to talk about, lol.

First we had Buddy.  He was the craziest Jack Russell you could find.  We had to spell everything that pertained to him because he new everything that we were saying.


Unfortunately, he was hit by a truck right infront of my boys and I.  What a sad, sad day that was.  After being without him for 2 mths and missing him very much, I went out and got Missy the cock-a-poo.  I wanted something much more relaxed than buddy and Missy sure is more relaxed.  She just loves to sit around.  


After having Missy for 4 years, my kids started to bug me to get a bigger dog that they could have more fun with.  So, in came Roscoe.  He's a goldendoodle.  He is full of live and we love him.


Missy wasn't very impressed with Roscoe at first but, she learned that he wasn't leaving so now they are good friends.  Here they are together when Roscoe was only a couple of months old.  

And here they are with Roscoe full grown

We love em and they are well worth the $5,000 that it cost us to build them their own run area (cough, cough)

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