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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

This has nothing to do with DIY

In two days from now, we are moving into our new home.  Some things are getting finished but, nothing very exciting yet.  Two big, big, big projects are complete that took a huge tole on our bank account.  1st, painting the interior of the house, and 2nd, building a garage door, installing 2 doggie doors, and building a fence for our dogs to go outside.  Neither one of these jobs were done by ourselves.  Their is now way we could have painted 4000sq' on our own and, my husband does not have the time to build a door or fence himself.  These two jobs ended up costing us $11,000 combined which is putting a damper on doing the fun stuff.

Here is some pictures of the $5,000 dog exit's in order for them to the bathroom.

This is the new garage man door that we had to have cut out of the stucco garage door in order to have the doggie door inserted.

This is the actually doggie door

We also had the same doggie door as above, inserted into the door that joins the garage to the house.  I don't have a pic yet but I'll add one when I take it. 

So, now the dogs can go through the garage/house door, run through the garage, and then exit out of the new man door in order for them to do their business in their own area which is this area

This pic is taken from the other end of the dog run

I hope they enjoy their very own exit door and dog run because I am not spending another penny on them!  OK, well maybe I'll buy them some food.

The best part about this though is that they cannot get into our backyard and make a mess.  

Our backyard still looks like this

No dogs or fence can be seen because it is all hidden on the far side of the house.  

I suppose I should do a blog about my dogs now in case anyone is wondering who these dogs are that I speak of. 

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