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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Secretary Desk Tutorial

A blogger asked me some important questions about my Secretary Desk.  She suggested that I was assuming that people would just know on their own what I was doing, and she was right.  I'm still learning at this Blog stuff so I have to learn not to assume and be specific.  My apologies to everyone.  Therefore, I am now correcting myself and giving a tutorial on how I DIY'd my Secretary Desk.

Firstly, this tutorial is referring to this post that I did in February.  

Here is a pic of the desk when I purchased it. 

In order for me to give it the look I was looking for, I began by sanding it.  Then I decided to try to spray paint it.  This was the first time that I had ever tried spray paint.  This is the Spray Paint that I tried from Home Hardware (Canada)

I did not like the results that I was getting.  As you can see below, it was too blotchy for me.  Maybe if I would have kept it up, it would have turned out but I wasn't willing to try.  

Here is how it was looking with the spray paint.  

So, I decided to switch things up.  I went to Home Depot (Canada) and purchased a gallon of Behr Premium Plus Ultra Interior Semi Gloss Paint and Primer in One.  I bought this because the girl at the desk told me that the spray paint I had used, has oil in it.  Therefore, I now needed to use the primer mixed with the paint in order for it to adhere to the desk.  

I continued painted and let me tell you, it was a lot more work than I anticipated on.  Plenty of coats of paint over and over (I didn't sand in between coats and I probably should have)  I used a new foam roller brush everyday so that I would not have to clean up any rollers.  And, it was difficult to get into all of the cracks and make sure the paint didn't drip.  

When it was finally complete, I add these Cabinet knobs from Home Depot (Canada)

Then I decided that the back of the shelves needed some pizzazz.  I choose this wallpaper from Home Depot (Canada) but I cannot find it on their website.  This website shows the exact same wallpaper.  

And that is how I got this....                                          To look like this.....

Here's a couple more after pics....


  1. I always tell myself I want to try spray painting an entire piece...but so far I've only done knobs and a pair of my own shoes...the shoes are furniture for me :)
    Turned out great :)