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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

How I named my blog

Do you ever wonder how people come up with a name for their blog?  I always do.  Today I want to tell you how I came up with the name of my blog.  Last July, I lost my brother, David to colon cancer.  He was like a best friend to me.

Here is my brother and I in the early 1990's on a trip in Florida

Anyways, when I was a kid, a friend of mine taught me a prayer.  I'm sure many people know it in many different versions.  It goes something like: And If I die before I awake, That's one last test I'll have to take. 
So, while I was contemplating about starting a blog, I was doing a lot of thinking one night about my brother, all the work I had to do on the new house we had just purchased and thinking about that prayer.  I think my thoughts started to get mixed up about praying for my brother and praying that all of the work in the house would get down.  So I said to myself, "and if I die before I awake, that's one last room I'll have to decorate." 
(Instead of One last test I'll have to take, get it, the take and decorate rhyme, lol) 

I then thought, hmmm, that might work for a blog name.  But, the die before I awake part seemed too depressing.  So I dropped the first line and left it with the second line.  

RIP my brother

So that's how my blog name came about.  Where did your blog name come from?

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