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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Spring is springing every where!

Wow, it can't get much better than sunny and 22C or 72F in March!  Our kids are on March break here, so it works out great.  I'm so excited that I just had to drag some patio furniture out to enjoy it.
My youngest, Michael, in the reflextion
My parents are even stealing my idea!  
I want to take you on a tour of my bridge in my backyard, and what better day could we do this on?

Here is the entrance to the bridge
This is the sign at the entrance of the bridge 
Isn't it cute?  It's the previous owners doing.  I love it but, I never would have spent the money on this kind of stuff when their's so much I would rather have inside.  But, I'm sure not complaining they put it here!

This is the little deck that the previous owners built overlooking the creek and next to the bridge.  
I'm standing on the little deck, looking down and enjoying the rapids my youngest built.  Isn't it awesome?  At the bottom of this post I'm going to insert a little video so you can hear my babbling brook!!
It really does babble!!!

My oldest son Matthew (in the blue) and his buddy, crossing the bridge to take the trails to the store!

Check out our gate at the other end of the bridge!  Isn't it cute!  Again, I wouldn't have spent the money myself, but hey, it's mine now!!!

Closeup of the gate deer!

Now this sign is at the other end of the bridge.  On the walk trail side.  This is what everyone can see when they walk by.  I remember year's ago walking by this bridge and just imagining, but never expecting it to be mine one day!

The entrance to the bridge from the trail side.  The previous owners put this bench and pots here for people to sit and enjoy.  I could really spruce this up somehow.  Any idea's for me???  Maybe paint the bench a nice bright colour?

Now here's the video of the babbling brook I promised.  I sure can't wait til everything blooms and turns green.  

I added this pic of the window in my kitchen that looks into the pool room.  I took it first thing this morning.  Something about it just made me think of summer days.  I love my two new life rings that you can see through the window, hanging on the pool room wall.  I purchased for $4.99 ea at Michaels.  They're actually  made of wood but you can't tell.  They somehow cheer me up when I look at them.  (They look really tiny in  this picture but they're really not)

Well, thanks for coming on my bridge tour with me on this beautiful day!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


  1. How neat! Your own bridge! What a beautiful place! Thank you so much for stopping by and being a follower! Now I'm one of your new followers! I can't wait to get to know you!

    1. Thanks for stopping in Amanda. I'll visit again soon!